What You Need to Know Before Starting a Career in Real Estate

Imagine having flexible work hours, and you are your own boss. It may seem too idyllic, but a lot of people have successfully made this as their lifestyle through realty business. Worth billions of dollars, this industry have major perks, like making your own schedule and potentially earning about $100,000 or over annually.

That may seem too tempting. So, is real estate a good career choice? Like most success stories, it is not always a bed full of roses. There will always be hurdles and challenges along the way. But knowing the basics and having the right guidance from experts will surely lead you to a successful career.

is real estate a good career

For more about the basics, here are some that you need to know.


So, how much does a real estate license cost? There is actually no definite answer to this question, since requirements vary in every state. However, all states in the US require a form of education and examination for anyone who desires to become a real estate agent. You may be obliged to take 20 credit hours to more than 200 hours of class sessions depending on which state you are in. Aside from this, you have to work under a professional broker in order to acquire your license.

Nevertheless, if you think your current schedule does not permit you. You always have the option to take classes online, but this is not really something that is recommended.


Is real estate a good career still? You might have been intimidated by the thought of going through state examinations and working as an apprentice for an actual real estate broker. Yet, when you think of the possibly good outcome to a successful career, you will surely never change your mind.

Right now, you want to know how to get rich in real estate. Actually, there is no specific formula for getting wealthy and successful. However, you can know the basics of increasing your assets and multiplying your investments. Here are some techniques that you can try as a realtor.

1. Fix and Flip

With this short-investment method, you simply acquire properties that you will, later on, develop and resell at a higher price. The trick is for you to look for a property that seems to only require minimal and low-cost improvements but with huge gains.

2. Pay Off Mortgages

Aside from the flipping and fixing, you can also acquire rental properties that can pay off its own mortgage or that of another property. This creates a positive cash flow that opens opportunities for you to buy more properties, thus creating a snowball effect.


Getting started in real estate investing is in fact easy. All you need is to follow these steps.

  1. Write down targets and figures. You must have concrete goals.
  2. Select the type of property you want to invest in.
  3. Know what financial requirements are needed. See if you can probably get a loan.
  4. Find a partner, if you think it’s necessary.
  5. Look for a good place to start investing. Take note of demographic trends, taxes, rent rates, public transportation, internet options, and accessibility to schools.
  6. Go on a quest for a property and start making offers.

Is real estate a good career? The answer is a big “Yes”. However, you have to be critical of every decision that you are going to make. If you want to know more than just the fundamentals, take heed of expert instructions, such as Invest Four More Guides by Mark Ferguson. In this way, you get to educate yourself and discover more about the interesting industry of real estate.

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